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Physiatry is a field of medicine (also called Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) that specializes in the evaluation and treatment of people with injuries, illnesses and conditions affecting nerves, muscles, joints, and bones. Physiatrists are experts in the evaluation of musculoskeletal or neurological conditions with a focus towards the minimization of impairment and disability. Physiatrists use a variety of techniques to aid in the evaluation of patients, including x-rays, bone scans, MRI scans, and other studies. Physiatrists also use electrodiagnostic testing (also called EMG and Nerve Conduction Testing) to assess conditions like pinched nerves, nerve injuries, and peripheral neuropathies.

What separates Physiatrists, like Dr. Margherita, from other physicians who treat neurological or musculoskeletal conditions is their functional orientation and focus on appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. Our Physiatry services include…

The focus of Physiatry is to minimize disability and maximize function, no matter what the problem or condition. Please contact us today to request an appointment or learn more.

What’s a Physiatrist?

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Patti in Chesterfield, MO

The best and the best staff. So glad I was referred to Dr. Margherita after being in pain for such a long time. Thank you Dr. Margherita!

Patti in Chesterfield, MO
Lana in Creve Coeur, MO

Dr. Margherita is a very personable man and quick to pinpoint the problem. His nurse practitioner is a sharp dedicated young woman and the staff is warm and friendly.

Lana in Creve Coeur, MO

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