A wide range of medical-legal services are available to attorneys, adjusters, case managers, and legal nurse consultants. These services include: Independent Medical Examinations, External/Independent Case Review, and Expert Witness activities.


Independent medical examinations (IME) are requested often and for a multiplicity of reasons. By the time a claimant has reached the point of requiring an IME, there are issues that have arisen that require and assessment of the claimant’s condition in a manner that allows for reasonable adjudication and closure. Dr. Margherita has extensive experience in providing independent medical examinations and has done significant research in the areas of functional assessment and disability measurement. All independent evaluations include a thorough review of the salient medical facts as well as direct questioning of the claimant to assess his or her self reported symptoms and experience with treatment. We use questionnaires that establish a written record of the claimant’s self report to establish a history of the condition. Physical examinations are specific and comprehensive to the problems to be addressed, resulting in a complete and defensible determination of the claimant’s medical conditions and resultant physical abilities and limitations. Results of the IME are communicated to the requester in a timely manner with follow-up services (deposition, expert witness, etc) available upon request.

External/Independent Medical Case Review

A case review is often critical to determining the historical factors that relate to the claimant’s alleged injuries and present condition. In many cases, the determination of causation (or lack of causation) if often revealed with careful review of records and supporting evidence (accident data, etc). Multiple options are available for medical review. Dr. Margheritaoffers medical review services to case managers/auditors and legal nurse consultants on a fixed-fee basis to review historical and medical data from which medical opinions are drawn. Full service case review and reporting is available to attorneys and other parties in need of extensive and comprehensive medical review and decision making. Reviews are unbiased and reflect the facts relating to mechanism of injury, complaints and the medical justifications for treatment.

Expert Witness

When dispute/claims resolution has extended beyond the point of adjudication or settlement, the retention of a medical expert is necessary to identify the salient medical issue of the case and to articulate those opinions to a jury that is often unsophisticated in medical procedures and terminology. Dr. Margherita has participated in numerous cases (both plaintiff and defendant) where complex issues of causation, injury, and functional impairment/limitation have been at issue. His extensive clinical experience and research portfolio makes him uniquely qualified in a wide range of conditions and disabilities including (But not limited to) spinal cord injury and associated paralytic conditions, musculoskeletal and spine related conditions/disabilities, and conditions that result in functional impairment. Medical consultation services, literature research, and consultative reporting are available upon request. Retainer contracting is available on request. A price list of services can be faxes or emailed to the requesting party.