Injured on the job? Are you a case manager seeking to refer a claim?

Injured workers and case managers often have a challenging time identifying the right provider to address a work related injury. With his extensive experience in addressing spine and musculoskeletal injuries, you can rest assured that every injured worker receives a thorough evaluation and treatment plan with the goal of returning to work as soon as possible. Where necessary, transitional work assignments and time-limited functional limitations are provided to rapidly transition a person back to their workplace with minimal time loss. For injured workers who are under the care of another treating provider, Dr. Margherita offers medical services and procedures that facilitate the evaluation and treatment of the injured worker. Services include:

  • Medical Evaluation and Causation
  • Acute Medical Treatment
  • Physical Therapy/FCE review
  • Transitional Work Assignment
  • EMG/ Nerve Conduction Studies
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound guided injection procedures
  • Case Reviews / Opinions

Dr. Margherita’s expertise and skill in diagnosing and managing many forms of work related injuries with the goal to return the injured worker to full duties without limitation.

Worker’s Compensation

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Jake in Maplewood, MO

Dr. Margherita is great at finding out what is really the problem and prescribing the right treatment. the 1st doctor I went to couldn't find the problem and wanted to start injections to my back. Dr. Margherita found an injured tendon problem in leg and hip . Ordered P.T. and now I am well

Jake in Maplewood, MO
Larry in Creeve Coeur, MO

I'd been having rotator cuff problems from years of playing competitive softball and had visited a couple of surgeons for advice. Basically. they said "When the pain gets bad enough come back and see me!" Dr. Margherita at West County Spine and Sports was recommended to me by a teammate and he was a breath of fresh air. I decided to visit his office and he was able to size up the situation very quickly. We set up a visit schedule for therapy and then a regimen of exercises to do at home. After 4 months I am completely pain free, yeah!!!! No Advil, no nothing! I don't believe in miracles but I do believe in Dr. Margherita. Now, I'm not going to go out and see how far I can throw a softball...but my shoulder feels like a million bucks. They took my insurance which also made it real easy. Dr Marg's is the best!

Larry in Creeve Coeur, MO

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