Health Insurance

Dr. Margherita is a preferred provider for most major insurance plans, including private, Medicare, and workers compensation. For our patient’s convenience, we file their insurance but we do not file or accept third-party assignment. Any patient deductibles and/or co-payments must be paid at the time of service.

Cases for which litigation is pending are accepted only on a cash-advance basis or on a prepaid retainer. No insurance liens or deferred payment options are accepted.

Cancellation Policy

Our office keeps a waiting/cancellation list for patient who are seeking an appointment. Please contact our office if you must cancel your appointment. Cancellation fees may apply if your cancellation is within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. If there are repeated cancellations or rescheduled appointments, we reserve the right to discharge you as a patient.

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Nick in St Louis, MO

I appreciated that Dr. Margherita really listened to me, then took a reasonable approach to solving my problem. He explained the causes for the discomfort in my neck and shoulder then laid out the steps of what we could do to fix it. One short prescription and some easy exercises did the job, but I know that there are other options if the pain ever returns. I will definitely return to Dr. Margherita's office if I have other problems with chronic pain.

Nick in St Louis, MO
Jake in Maplewood, MO

Dr. Margherita is great at finding out what is really the problem and prescribing the right treatment. the 1st doctor I went to couldn't find the problem and wanted to start injections to my back. Dr. Margherita found an injured tendon problem in leg and hip . Ordered P.T. and now I am well

Jake in Maplewood, MO

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