If you suffer from shoulder pain, there is no better physician in St. Louis, MO to help you.

Voted as a “Top Doc” in the U.S., Anthony Margherita, MD specializes in a systemized regimen of treatment, exercise and medication as the successful roadmap to eliminating shoulder pain and invigorating the healing process. His outcomes are overwhelmingly positive.

As a competition cyclist, Dr. Margherita has experienced first-hand the challenges of knee, back and shoulder pain as a result of a sports injury, over-use or age related problems. People from all walks of life depend on Dr. Margherita to listen, understand, diagnose, and help them.

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Dr. Margherita’s office is conveniently located in Creve Coeur off Ballas Road, just east of I-270. We take and file insurance with most major carriers and plans. Our staff is here to assist you.

If the constant pain in your shoulder is impacting your quality of life, sleep, or even intimacy… If you want to get back to an active life… If you need shoulder relief and other procedures have not produced results… The best shoulder pain specialist in St. Louis, MO is ready to help you now.

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You Can Live PAIN-FREE!

If you suffer from pain, there is no better physician near St. Louis, MO to help you.

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